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2018 biggest challenges of global organizations, 5 challenges of the world

The Global organizations have been passing through many difficulties every year. Many observers think that the world is in huge fragmentations and going to the protectionism more and more. The dramatic changing of geopolitics and the rapid rising of Asian, the Brexit, and retreat of America in many bigger global issues reflect that the world is in the turning point. The global cooperation, multilateral institutions, and international collaboration are changing.  China is drawing the world in global economic order, while America seems less care of human right and trying to secure its interest.

Here are the five biggest Challenges of global organizations in 2018:

  1. The growing of inequality of income: The gap of income is the biggest challenge of developing countries and it can be turned into social unrest and racism. The gap between countries and countries is also bringing to the rising of immigration for the job, and the trading imbalance.
  2. The advancement of technology is changing the Job: the technology is taking the human job while the world is facing the big challenge of unemployment. The people in the developed countries also exploit the job of the people in developing countries.
  3. The Rising of protectionism: the UK and US which are the first initiators of global organizations after and during the second world war, now leading the world in retreating from global issues.
  4. The rising of immigration: The wars in middle east and job seekers make the very huge of global immigration that can lead to racism, chaos, and insecurity.
  5. The global media and disinformation: there three matters here are: the scholars that betray their understanding, the creation of pro-media,  and the spread of new fake news which can destroy and harm the situation of the world.