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Analyse Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers 2018 New Year, Xi New Year addressing

Sitting on the Chair with the Chinese flag and Great Wall photos behind him, Xi spoke clearly and confidently by using some philosophical words to make more meaningful and interesting.In 10 minutes 52 seconds addressing on New Year, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the brief overview on major issues, the achievements, and Chinese commitment to maintaining global order, peace, and prosperity. Starting by raising different groups of people, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and overseas Chinese.

Xi addressed about these various groups probably he wanted to remind these people and tell the world about his dream of national rejuvenation. And remind the people that they are under the Beijing. On Taiwan, two main words were used “our compatriots in Taiwan, and administrative”.

Here are the points that were addressed:

  1. The welfare of people “concerns of people, education, employment, social security, income, healthcare, old-age security, housing, and environment. Xi believes that the success of Chinese Dream has to depend on People. It also that the most concern of Chinese government is the discontent of people on government.
  2. Improvement of Technology and engineering: Xi knows that the sustainable economic growth had to depend on the advancement of technology and engineering. In this point, probably two things that one has to understand: China has limited ability of these fields and wish to improve it, or Xi wish to lead the world in these areas.
  3. Lift out poverty: Xi addressed confidently on the lift out poverty by 2020.
  4. Nationalism against Japan: There are two points: remind the painfulness of people to encourage nationalism, and motivate to work hard to make a greater China. And another point is that to gain sympathy from people and support the government.
  5. The Role of China in Global agenda: Xi addressed the role China in playing the role as the center of the Global stage.
  6. Implementation of 19th: Xi needs to ask more time from people and ask permission for ruling China.
  7. Commitment to maintaining Global responsibility:

-Respect the UN’s Charters

-Global Climate change, Paris agreement.

-Belt and Road improvement

-China as a Builder of world peace

-China as a Contributor to global development

– China as a Holder of international order

  1. At the end, he warned officers: Here Xi still commit to opposing corruption strongly.

-interest and concern of the people.

-Feel of mission and duty

-must think for the people

-Respond to their interest