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China: The Top 10 highest economic growth cities

1, Shanghai: the very crowded, largest and highest economic growth city of the world with GDP $810 bn. It is the most beautiful city of the world with the skyscrapers and nicest coastline. Shanghai is a business and a financial city with population of 26 million.


2, Beijing: the main capitol of China with the population of 14 million. The is the great and most attractive city with cultural and modern buildings. Beijing has the send GDP of Chinese cities of $ 664 bn which is equivalent to swistherland.

3, Guangzhou city: with 14 million population is the third highest economic growth with GDP of $524bn.  It is the nicest city along the Pearl river, sport,museum and business city. Guangzhou city GDP is equivalent to Argentina.


4, Shenzhen city: is a first china special economic zone with the GDP of $491bn which is equivalent to Sweden. The stock market and coastal city of Guangdong province.


5, Tianjin: is the most important port city and used to be colonized by the west for long time. Tianjin has GDP $ 478bn which is equivalent to Poland with the population of 16 million.


6, Suzhou city: is very attractive and historical city. It is the very has the glorious classical canals and Island, bridges and garden. Suzhou has GDP of $440bn with the population of 11million.


7, Chongqing city:  is a largest population of 30 million with GDP of $424 bn.


8, Hong Kong city: is the well-known city of the rich and stars and used to be colonized by the Britain. It just handed over back to China 1997. Hong Kong the most developed city of China with GDP of $414bn with 7.5 million population.

9, Wuhan city: 10 million population with GDP of $324 bn. It is also one of most attractive tourist city.

10, Hangzhou city: the most beautiful city of China with many tourism sites, cultural and natural places.