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China vs US 2018, what will US do to China in 2018?

Every Chinese president and leader tend to think that” every solution of the problems is an admission to ticket for new problems”. In this sense, China knows that the rising of China as the world largest economy, plays more important global roles, develops very fast in technology, successes in China’s reinvention of the silk road, and many things that it achieving will bring various problems. China knows that the great achieving that it making will make many countries such as US, Japan, India, EU, and Vietnam envious and unhappy. These countries will try to make more problems and contain China’s influences.

  1. The US will improve more and more cooperation will these countries on the economy, diplomacy, military, trading, geopolitics, strategies, and sciences and technologies.
  2. The US will require China to take enough measure, action, and sanction on North Korea. If China will not do enough action on North Korea, Trump probably has the excuses the put more difficulties for Chinese firms and companies that investing in the US.
  3. The trade tariffs will be increased to force China to obey the intellectual rights.
  4. The US will try to use the South China Sea to distrust ASEAN members from China. It should be remembered that the US used the court to lose the China face on the South China Sea by giving the victory to Indonesia.
  5. China itself is facing the plenty of difficulties, the rising of its global political agenda that required to take more responsibilities which will reduce her national interests. At the same time, it all has to reduce the poverty, avoid the financial crisis, and curtail the pollutions. The economic reform and open up that has to be widening and continuing of active diplomacy.

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