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China’s Soft power and International Influence VS America Retreats

China’s role in the global politics, economy, and diplomacy is on the rising. China’s contribution to the global growth will overtake the US’. The world now also seems respect and love China than the US.  There are various factors to explain the rising of China. In this article, I would like to handle with China soft power.  Deng Xiaoping the man who opened and reformed China once said: ” observe the world calmly, secure your our position in the world, hide our capacities and bide the times, never assert our leadership, handle our affair carefully, and humble and maintaining the low profile”. These words surely are the principals that most Chinese leaders value and respect. It also reflects the Chinese Soft power. What does Soft power mean?

In the late 1980s, American political scientist joined the word to refer to the abilities of a country in shaping the concepts, attitudes, the actions of the other countries without coercing, but shaping by its great success in economic, political, and diplomatical fields, and also include its global performances and reputation.

While America under president Trump retreats from the global affairs which frustrated and upset the world, China seems to perform far better. The President Xi Jinping always shows his respect to the world and ask for building the community of the shared future of the world, widening win-win cooperation.

In 2017, President Xi promises to open to the world wider and enhance its soft power on the international stage.

Through its various and excessive success and soft power, make China’s influences on the global affairs stronger and more crucial.