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Does Trump love his mother very much?

It is very hard to hear president Donald Trump talks or writes about his mother. Unlike President Obama, who had often talked about his mom. However, Trump love talking about his that probably because he was hard-working, and motivate Trump to be a businessman and as a President. His father was Mr. Fred Trump. His mother is known little to the Public because he rarely talks about. His mother name¬†was Mary Macleod Trump. Trump wrote few times about his mother. In his book, he wrote about the person that he was born to be by writing about his mother question” what kind of son have I delivered?”

And Wrote on his tweeter about his mother advice to him by considering it as great advice” You to trust in God, and be true to yourself”. Trump probably wants to mean that this advice made him become a strong and successful person. He also maybe wants to tell other that he is a good son and have a good mom.