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Does Trump make America Great again? Or make america worse again?

President Donald Trump came to power by the ideology of a strong nationalism. He promised to all American to make the United State of America great again, promised to construct the wall between US and Canadian borders, Promised to reform the trade deal with China, criticised China strongly on its economic affairs, criticised the Administration of president of Obama and Hillary Clinton on their ways of handling the series Middle East crisis, but he admired president Putin of Russia as the very strong and brilliant president. He also criticised the US policy of wasting its economy on supporting Japan and asked Japan to pay for its security protection.

It was thought to be a big problem with his nervous system. But what you have thought maybe not right. As we knew, Trump is a businessman. What trump cares the most is not what others think about him. What he cares the most is money, money, money, money, and job, job, job, not the human right, not the virtue, not the others national affairs, not the environment, and not giving the small amount of money to other nations.

Trump was probably envious and angry because of Chines economic success. But What did he mean by his word” make America great again? Didn’t he know America was a very weak nation in history which was divided and controlled by many European great powerful countries such as the UK?

Didn’t he know America was in a great depression? Didn’t he know America was divided into white and black? Didn’t he know American system and philosophy were originated in Europe? Most American scholars and strategists were/are not American by birth?

Did he know that America became a great nation because it had engaged and saved many nations in international affairs? Did he know America became a  great nation not because it builds a great wall and looks down others?