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How to Reduce Stresses? Be Happy,Energetic, and motivation

There are various problems in human life such divorce, heart-broken, bad relationship, losing the beloved ones, dead of relatives,  being looked down, losing the position, heavy and too much work,  anxiety, anger, hate, worry about future, being blamed and criticized, excessive thinking etc.  Everyone has the stresses at different levels according to their own way of living and ways of thinking.


There are five kinds of stresses that very often occur:

  1. stress in the relationship: having the bad relationship or break up with your beloved one,  friends.
  2. Stress in working: Doing the job that you hate or there are too many things to do or losing the job.
  3. Stress in losing: losing your job or position, or losing the member of family and friends.
  4. Stress in doing mistakes: Feeling of regret or shamefulness of the mistakes that doing against one’s conscience  . or doing something wrong.
  5. Stress in worrying of Future: some people are very anxious of their future.

However, Everything is not something outside. It is something in your mental activities. We are mind made. Those stresses and worries are also mind made. The motivation, happiness, and joyfulness are also mind made. When you worry of something or the having stress of something,  it is because your mind comes to connect to those things. They are  very untangeable and unseeable. It is not you but your mind that creates it. So, creates the good thing, not the bad one, creates happiness, not stress.

There is a very nice story of a man who goes for interviewing. The manager asked him ” Imagine, what should you do if the office in under fire? there are lots of documents and staffs inside the office “. The man replied ” It is very easy. I stop doing imagination”.  Yes, Let me repeat the phrase ”  I stop doing imagination”. The stress occurs because people like stressing. They do not dislike stressing. Don’t make yourself harder, because you are already hard. Take it easier.