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How US, China and EU work? the differences between three superpower

Everyone has their own purposes and strategies for getting what they want if life, so the nations. Every nation has its uniqueness, potentialities, threats, and thoughts. These factors force them to set up different strategies and techniques to serve their interest in what that is difficult to see and understand. The ways that they do whether a submission or coercive.  In 16 t0 2oth century, EU controlled the world, by the way, that so-called” Colonialism”.

The great European countries divided the world and ruled by forces. They sought for their economic growth, power, and interest without respecting the right, cultures, life, and sovereignty of the countries they had ruled. The system also called ” Imperialism”. The wars and campaigns arose everywhere against those European great powerful countries whether in Asia or Africa. The U.S, who has been a long time learning from the mistake of European mistakes, condemned the system and declared the new form of system that every nation should have the right, democracy, sovereignty, and self-determination. The US system is considered to be the ultimate system, the end of history. However, U.S uses the system to get its interest in the very subtle ways by supporting citizenship and NGOs forces against their governments. Other scholars see it as the new form of imperialism. Instead of the U.S and European great power countries, China finds the new way to get its business done. That is to act as a consultant. China is willing to work and share ideas with every nation.  China does not force you to accept China form, but discussion and share ideas for mutual understanding and benefits. It should be noted that the EU now is different from the European great powerful countries. EU now works on consensus.