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my great son and Family happiness, meeting parents’ willing

“The disobedient children cause their parents grief and anxiety,” said an American businessman and a member of the Quorum Twelve of Apostles, Joseph Bitner Wirthlin. Contradictory, the great happiness of parents is seeing the successfulness, reputation or honorary of their children. There is no any person on earth that causes troubles and wars in the world beside the children of parents, and only the children of parents that can make the world peace and prosperity.


The most agony of parents is seeing his child is being looked down, being hated, or being wanted. When Siddhartha left the throne for renunciation, a great praise from a fairy was very remarkable. It was said, “To those parents who gave the birth to Siddhartha, he will reciprocate them by freeing them from suffering and they will be honored, valued and respected”. A son or daughter should bear in mind that the parents have faced many difficulties, worked very hard for supporting the family, stopped moving forward to reach their highest potentialities because they are taking great responsibilities, spending times, energy and resources to taking care of you.

So, a son or daughter must work to continue father’s willing and ambition to bring honorary and respect to your family. You have the great responsibility to take over and go far beyond what parents had achieved. Meanwhile, Children have five duties to meet toward parents, are: 1) supporting and taking care of parents, 2) Helping and assisting their tasks, 3) protecting and bringing honor and reputation to family, 4) Being a worthy enough to get the inheritance, and 5) Even when the parents passed away, they are still worthy of respecting and offering in the traditional way.