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the flaws of modern educational system

The first and fundamental factor to change the world is changing in educational systems, directions, and purposes. The various concepts and agents of education have to be examined thoroughly. In Buddhism, education is the most important thing that can change ordinary people to be the great, “Sabha Danam Dhamadanam Jinati”. Buddhist also believe that the wrong teaching is the most dangerous.

The world can go terribly wrong or healthily prosperous depend on education. Buddha himself once said he knows many things, but he teaches only what the can bring to harmony, happiness, and liberation. Buddha also taught to avoid the ideologies of absolutism and extremism. In the new world order, the students are being trained in governmental affairs seem to be oriented to these concepts and to be focused on interest and power.  the modern education is also focused more and more on materialism, and science that the meaning of life.

The word teacher means someone who responsible for teaching, giving ideas, explaining, and telling the right and wrong reasons. The concepts that being taught can shape the entire lives of people. A valuable and dignified teacher or agent has to be critical analysis of what they going to release their concepts to shape social and world order