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The four Sublime Dharma and Order

The four sublime Dharma or Brahmavihāra Dharma in Pālī is another principle that proclaimed by Buddha that it is the highest states of peace, order, harmony, and prosperity. The most Indian people in the contemporary of the Buddha respected Brahmas as the highest and supreme Gods. So, Buddha combined the words Brahma + Vihāra + Dharma, the word Vihāra means the abodes and Dharma, principle. Brahmavihāra Dharma means that the principle that one can become Brahma, or join their soul with Brahma. The four are:


  1. Mettā: loving-kindness: being a friend of all people whether the rich, the poor, the handsome, the ugly, the honored, wishing for their happiness, wishing to free them from suffering, telling them the right path. There three kind of Mettā, 1. Mettākāyakarma: being a gentle, non-violence, harmlessness, forgiveness, 2) Mettā vaccīkarma: speaking with loving-kindness, kindness in your words, 3) Mettāmono karam: thinking with loving-kindness, a kind and harmful thought.
  2. Karunā (compassion) being a full of compassion, sympathy, in helping others to free their hardship whether though advices, educations or materials.
  3. Mudita (sympathetic joy): sharing your happiness with others, improve your inner strength to enjoy with others, free your mind from envy, open your heart to recognize and joy with successfulness of others.
  4. Upekkha:( equanimity): free your mind from anger, hate, and keep your mind in peace and  calm