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The Future of the World and Education

The New World Order has to be seeded in which started in the classes between the two most important of New World Order agents, the soul architecture and seed of world agent. It is needed to build a concept of a devoted and sacrificed teacher and a willing and disciplined student. The quality of an organization, country and the world depend on what kind of concepts that a teacher tells his students what to think, feel and what to do. The attitude of students toward other groups and countries are the results of information that they receive.

The students are the pure white color, in the age of education and growth or they are the unmanufactured things that will become what kind of products largely depend on the purposes of instructors. The term of student itself means studying or learning. So, in what concept that we want our future leaders to be? A disciplined, a kind, a crusader, love and peace or focus on only success, hate and exploitation.

There are three factors that student should be taught to be:

  1. Disciplinary: The disciplines make a dignified and valuable person. Self-regulation, self-reflection, and self-refrainment is needed to develop.
  2. Compassion: They live in the interdependent world. They have to Care for the welfare of the community, their shared destiny world, and cooperation.
  3. The wisdom: there are two kind wise life: an ability to create something new and analyze the thing, and the ability to understand their meaning and purposes of their lives.