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The Islamic world

In the 6th century, the Islamic world who believed in Prophet Muhammad, launched its attack to overthrow the others religions and civilization from the Arabian world to the parts of the world. Muhammad was born in 570 Mecca, Arabia (now in Saudi Arabia) and died June 8, 632, Medina). He was the founder of Islam and also the politician. In contrast to others empires who brought their religions or cultures to wherever they conquered, Muhammad and his followers fought for religion in the name of the God to bring the message of the God to the world.

Arabian militaries conquered very huge areas from the Atlantic coast of Africa, to most of Spain, into central France, and as far east as northern India. Stretches of Central Asia and Russia, parts of China, and most of the East Indies.

They believe that the true and the universal God there is only one, and Muhammad was the last and the ultimate prophet. In the Quran laid out the five moral obligations of all followers that must be followed are 1) believe in the true God, 2) Protect your religion, 3) dear to sacrifice yourself for moral obligations, 4) pray 5 time every day, 5) Visit the Mecca at least once in your life. In this sense, the World Order, is the world that follows the ways of Islam under the controlling of caliphates