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The Principles of Daily Saving

The most important and most simple but very compulsory are the four fundamentals need that involving daily life. The most important because without them all living beings cannot survive. In another word, all living beings depend on these four basic needs to fulfill the compulsory conditions of life. The most simple because they are used daily. These things become the very critical problems in this modern day. They trap the modern governments and governments, people and people, and animals and animal to confront, cheat, and fight, in some cases, for getting these basic need. The global and regional organizations and agencies express deep concern about the future of sustainability to protect and gain these things.

People in modern day want everything to be modernized, luxurious, and attractive beyond the purposes of consuming these basic need. Developing a very strong sense of luxuriousness is leading to poison the soul of the men, fall into more desirous, and spend life in competing in running to get them. In order to reduce the global concerns, tensions and issues, Buddhist perspective and moral code of monk on these four fundamentals should be considered to generate a global order of basic needs without confrontations and emotional tensions:

  1. Purification in food: how one gets, eats, keeps, produces, shares and what kind of food one need. Buddha said about the important of food “Sabhe Sattā āhāradiddhikāa, without food all living beings cannot survive”. But, he explained the purposes of eating are just for supporting life, preventing hungry, and gain energy for doing good deed, not for generating greedier in food.
  2. Purification in robes or clothes: how many does one need, how one gets, uses, keeps, protects, and what kind. The purposes of clothes are protecting warm and cold, covering the body.
  3. Purification in housings, shelters: where and what kind of shelter is safer, acceptable, beds, chairs, and necessary things? Without it life would be very difficult to survive. Don’t make it become a heavy tensions to you, shelters are just using for staying, preventing rain, cold, warm, dangerous animals,
  4. And purity in medicine: without illness, there is no need to use medicine. No one like medicine, but the deceased need it to recover. The hardest feeling in life is being serious on the sickbed, life is bleak, bored, pitiful and not lively. However, there are now illegal and false medicine which is the great concern. Therefore, keep yourself in healthy conditions, and being already in consulting with doctor and treatment whether mental or physical illness.