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the dangerous and the welfare of society,The ways to be loved, respected, and recognized,

The most dangerous of society is when its members are less willing to make the sacrifice for the welfare of others. The people in the global era are more and more oriented to seeking for personal success of economic and material conditions rather than seeking happiness through helping others. In the situation in which people are more selfish, greedier, and less care of their community, things can go terribly wrong.

People are trying and struggling to make their own comfort and enjoyment through materials and spending time in racing the materials and racing on the field. Their happiness depends on the material and boasting others. What the most the most remarkable is that people use the material and money to show their success by expecting to be recognized, valued, respected. There are also the people who look down others just want to show that he/she is better than.  People probably see the misery of others by blaming to their weakness of something. Indeed, people value, respect, and recognize the generous people,  the gentle people, and the people that help them.

Buddhist believe that we cannot achieve happiness or save ourselves unless we help others to gain happiness and save them first. Buddha explained the ways of happiness  and how to be loved, respected, and recognized by the people are:

  1. Giving: Helping others people to get their happiness. reduce their tension or misery.
  2. Pleasant words: saying to others people politely, and useful words.
  3. Treating others equally:  All people need love and respect. Show your respect and love to them.
  4. Act usefully to others: You have to work not only for yourself interest but also for others.