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The world map of power and order

There are thousand political thinkers envision on what ways and principles to make a dignified, prosperous, harmonious and order world. Meanwhile, there are various matters that have discussed on various components of social welfare, on government, justice, equality, sovereignty etc. The religious teachings with philosophies would be able to give such answers.

There are various philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle who focus on the ability of government to bring good life and social justice and the ability of leader. Plato even argued and warned about that risk of government if they fail to bring social justice. To Confucius, the good example of leader is needed. He believed that a great society or the world need superior leader, sincere and honest ministers to the leader, duties and peoples and respected people. He even envisioned to the roots of society which he talked about the five relationship and obligations.

Similarly, Han Fei Tsu stated that if the minister enjoy their happiness and profit that means that the government is not a clean one and it is the cause of disorder and downfall. Augustine even made the words more serious and stronger that if justice is not met, then the government is a group of robber. Completely contradiction, Niccolo Machiavelli argued that the prudent leader must not obey his own words. The powers and deceptive are the ways. The moral of state is on the survival of state not on moral obligation. ( to be continued)

The western thinkers such as John Locke focused on the liberty and freedom of people. Locke