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The world order and its consequences

The concept of new world order or world order has its fundamental importance of different views of how the world should be designed. The global order has not existed in a single designation whether in the Western ideas or Easter’s. The world order, in short, is the world must have the order. But what kind of orders should be put to sustain the world? And how to achieve the world order? Should the world has a single concept of world order?

The former of security of state Henry Kissinger believes that the world order must consist of two elements, the equilibrium, and legitimacy. It means that the concept must be acceptable and just, and maintainable the balance of power. The concept that acceptable by all may be difficult because each superpower has its own concept of order, the culture of the political system, and situations. The nature of each country value and regard its system as the best that can be applied universally. Therefore, they create the exceptionalism or the special place to use their concepts to shape the world. It is leading two contradictory views: the unrest and the various problems are because lacking the common order, and these matters because struggling to put it.

For the US, the world will be peaceful, prosperous, harmonious, and stable when the world accepts the American prescriptions of democracy and respect the human right. The American system as the universal and ultimate, the end of history. America is chosen by God to bring the system to the world.

For the others, the struggling by America to put its order to others is the cause of problems. therefore, the world order must be accepted the different of regional order combination.