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These 12 countries are the best at preparing the kids for jobs in future

The education as mentioned by Martin Luther King is the most powerful weapon that we can change the world. It is true that every country depends on the qualities of education of its people to become stronger or worse. As Lee Kuan Yew said, ” the most important wealth of a nation is the quality of its people”. The high qualities of education serve the individual interest and the country’s economic growth.

However, the question is what skills should be introduced that will serve the best for the future of job? the answers are ” soft skill” and “Hard Skill”. The acceptable attitude, social skills of communications, negotiations, the think-tank, analysis, philosophy,  and problem-solving are considered to be the most important of soft skill. The hard skills that needs to be developed are: the creativity and innovation of new things, the ability to advance in technology and the new way of working.

the below are the 12  countries that are the best at preparing their kids for the job in the future.

  1. Singapore ranked number 01
  2. Japan ranked number 02
  3. South Korea ranked number 03
  4. Canada ranked number 04
  5. Estonia ranked number 05
  6. Finland ranked number 06
  7. New Zealand ranked number 07
  8. Australia ranked number 08
  9. Germany ranked number 09
  10. The United States ranked number 10
  11. Denmark ranked number 11
  12. The United Kingdom ranked number 12