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Trump ” America First” and” the world leaders ” Should put their countries First

The ” America first” is the main policy of America in the time of President Trump.  He declared his position of ” making America great again” and ” America first ” in Vietnam. The Speech seems very self-centered and selfish. It changed the direction of the state of the world. Donald Trump as we knew is a nationalist and focuses on the economic development. The words and the concepts that come to his mind the most are ” America first, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, economic growth, and come to invest and make business in the US.

At World Economic Forum, attended by world leaders and business people, the president invited them to come to the US and doing the business ” America is open for business”. He also assured them about the potential opportunity of business in the US ” as the president of the United States I believe in America” after briefing report about his huge success. Trump seems trying to justify the meaning of America first. ” America First” does not mean America alone, When the US grows, so does the world”. He also suggests that the world leaders should put their countries’ interest the first.  He also turns to criticise the China Economic policy of not obeying the intellectual property.

He also reasserted the American leadership on the global issues, fighting against ISIS, and the America models of Business and politics. Like other presidents, Trump very proud of America leadership style. However, He once again seems to show his hostility to China.