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Understanding China-history and concept

History of China was the series of up and down, wars and prosperities of the Chinese. The studying of Chinese history, one cannot help praising its great philosophies and ideas, strategies, arts of wars and management, compassion and brutalities, the struggling and braveness, great example of rising of heroes, and its intelligence.  One of the oldest civilizations in the world which was inhabited by Homo erectus over 1 million years ago, China influences spread across the Asia and the most part of the world.

China viewed itself as the center of the world, the middle kingdom, which considered others as barbarian states that had to submit their respect to China. The Chinese concept of the emperor was to control the world by its cultural and philosophical powers of “All under the heaven”   or “great unity under heaven”. China experienced all kind of histories, experienced many dynasties, division and unification, catastrophes of wars and natures, the changing of political ideologies, the division into different parts and controlling by others, the changing to communist country, and facing the new global order of the west, make china wiser and persistent in 21st century.