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US and EU, the ways to become superpower

America entered into the world with the glorious victory over all old systems and powers. The reasons were a) it has enough power, economic, politics, geopolitics, military to influence others, b) it understood the old systems well, c) while the European countries acted  as the aggressors, US acted as the hero that come to help without  self-interest. That was Woodrow Wilson that envisioned the US policy as the conscience of the world. He criticized the old systems and the balance of power that drawn the world war and set up the American principles as the universal morality, acting for the good of mankind, for the good of liberty, peace and order.

That was he that planned for new world order. To him American systems and principles were the best and if the world want peace they had to abandon their old traditions and adopt American way of life. The old system were more self-interested than high-principles, competed rather than cooperated. He planned   for the international organization that principles were just and acceptable for not only the leader but people also.

The world, according to him, must not base on the balance of power, but on the ethic of self-determination, not on alliance, but on collective security, diplomacy have to do openly and agreements not by expert. He envisioned the League of Nations as the first step to reach the new world order which its major principles were “collective security,” or in other words, an attack on one, would be considered an attack on all.

The League would also help in the arbitration of international   disputes, the reduction of armaments, and the   development of open diplomacy. To him America sought no self-interest but for the mankind. American soldiers never fight for self-interest but for liberty, for peace and order. American soldiers will come to wherever the peace was disturbed and bring its back to order. America will not tolerance with any aggressor.