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Xi Jingping, Putin and Donald Trump’ New Year Message Comparing and Analysis

The National policies and National of the US, China, and Russia have their fundamental differences. The political systems and geopolitical security are also different.  These factors make the national strategists set up the national policies and priorities by using the means of international law to justify their own means or using its gravity.  The most important things that seem the most impressive are the different characteristics and attitude of the three leaders, Xi Jinping, Putin, and Donald Trump.

Xi Jinping: the appearance and personal attitude good-looking,  gentle smile, impressive, speaking few words with deep philosophical meaning, and sometimes fun.  Xi is a well-principals, dignified, far-sighted, strong commitment,  brave to take the risk, friendly and open-minded. Xi is very polite and respectful. Xi tries to show his respect for others, care for the community of the world, ask for win-win cooperation, respect to the world peace and global order.  On New Year addressing, Xi sitting and speaking confidently and firmly. Xi does not tell people what to do exactly, but he speaks in the philosophical sense. Xi loves the people but hates the evildoers or corrupted officers.

Putin:   Putin is very brave, straight, talented, very wise, and intervened. It is should be observed that on his new year address, Putin was standing straightly and speaking confidently.  Putin did not speak much about problems of the world, but instead, he advises people to do this or that. Care your family, your children, your beloved ones, taking care one other.

Trump: His personal behavior makes him the strongest president of the world. Trump shows less respect for the people of the world. His worlds are very simple as ordinary people. He always shows the intention to build strong America and does not care about international affairs, or the feeling of the people. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, up, up, up, up, economic boom, economic boom, stronger America, wonderful America, great America are what he often says. Trump hates the most ISIS, then the immigrant, and shows his discontent to Chinese economic policy. He said, ” the lottery Visa bring the people we do not want to come into our country”, ” we need to build the border wall”. These words seem very look down on other people, but Trump does not care.