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Xi Jinxing Key Ideas

Xi is a man of Gentle smile and behind his gentle smile are strong commitment, decisiveness, and intelligence. He contributes a huge changing in world order and economic growth, strengthening global system and regional cooperation. In his report to 19th national congress, it was the very remarkable. Xi stressed on:

  1. People: Xi knew clearly that gaining supporting and confidence from people make China strong, sustainable. To make sure that People satisfy with government and prevent from foreign disturbance, Xi put people as top priority and fighting against corruption. “Be true to your mission, serve the people interest”, Xi stressed.
  2. Development: The destiny of Chinese system is on the economic growth and development. China knows that the poverty threatens it positions. Xi expressed the concern on the gap line between the rich and the poor. He promises to bring China to what said by Deng that “to be rich is glorious”.
  3. New era: the word New Era of Xi appeared almost all articles of news and widely discussed among the scholars. Xi stressed the massive success of China development and its position and contribution to the world.
  4. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: Chinese system has its theory and path. The time of Reformation, opening-up and modernization Socialism with Chines Characteristics. And only Socialism with Chines Characteristics can China works well.
  5. Innovation:  China needs to modernize herself in technology and innovation. Innovation is the best way to make China fast development.

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